Jewelry Care

All of our jewelry pieces are made by hand. They are strong, carefully created & given some major attention! We hope that you love your jewelry for years to come & give it the same attention it deserves when it comes to care. Here our some of our simple tips and tricks to keeping your jewelry looking it's best.



Over time you may notice that your jewelry is not as shiny as it was when you bought it. This is not a sign of a poorly created product or a cheap metal. It is simply the metal alloy reacting to various acids & chemicals in your skin, in the air or on any lotions or fragrances you may wear. Not to worry! To reclaim that beautiful shine simply rub your piece with a jewelry polishing cloth and presto perfecto! Shine will return! We recommend removing your jewelry when showering, swimming and hot spring exploring. When you're not wearing your piece it is best to store it in a dry place away from humidity. A cute handmade jewelry dish or ring cone is our go to!


Porcelain and Stoneware are both very strong materials, but like any ceramic they can still break if not handled with a little extra care. When removing your jewelry try to not drop it down on a hard surface like wood, tile or concrete. It is also best to remove before showering or swimming. Most all of our porcelain and stoneware pieces have 22 karat gold accents. This is a thin layer of real gold and can be prone to scratching. To prevent this from happening try to store your pieces away from things that may scratch the surface. This is especially essential if they are loosely stored in a travel pouch. If you notice any finger prints on your piece gently rub with a soft microfiber cloth to re shine. You can also gently clean with very mild soap and water.


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